Future-Proof Social Marketing

With millions of investors turning to social for their investing content consumption, it is crucial your company is in front of them.

We Build Brands
On Social Media

Every company needs to start with a digital foundation. You build a skyscraper by digging down first. Our team of social media experts dissect out your unique story, we then create boutique content and distribute it where investors reside.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is expected to grow to $24.1 biliion by 2025. First Phase utilizes exclusive partnerships to ensure your story is told well and remains front and center throughout the campaign. People, like you and us, trust influencers. This is also true for investment research and advice. We utilize exclusive partnerships to emphasize your story to investors online.

Guerilla Marketing

We utilize Dynamic, High Impact, High Volume messaging across over 50+ investing groups (investor chat rooms, forums, platforms, websites, Facebook groups, Discord Rooms, Stock Channels and Reddit) to ensure millions of investors are targeted and nurtured daily.

Social Channels

We thrive on vast platforms and networks online and command the attention of their loyal financial followers.

Investors Looking For
Their Next Investment

Thousands of public companies are already putting their message on social vying to stand out. Let us ignite your investor marketing so you can thrive and experience the benefits of working with a world-class agency.


Want to experience what its like working with the best?
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