Thriving investor audiences built through lead generation

First Phase helps public companies create and nurture long-term relationships with their future investors.

Our Process


Attract New Investors

We focus on developing and nurturing long-term investor relationships.Together, we will optimize the position of your company through learning investor sentiment specifically about your opportunity.

Nurture Through Updates

*This is an example for visual purposes only and does not reflect the direct corelation to share price.

Convert for Maximum
Shareholder Acquisition

Understand market sentiment of your company through AI-powered data analysis & exclusive sentiment reporting.

Grow your audience & receive our exclusive market sentiment reports
To Work With Us

Customized Dashboard For Your Database

Our custom dashboards will manage and track new subscribers, their desired
investment amount, company sentiment and more.

Group investors
by interest

First Phase gives you the ability to sort leads by interest, in real time, so you can send them what they want to see.

Keep your investors
in the know

When you have the next piece of news, your Investors are ready to take action.

More Investor Leads.
Less Uncertainty.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Our process does both! You view and control your lead generation metrics in real time. By monitoring your campaigns, we help you track relevant conversion metrics to maximize ROI and give you control of your marketing spend.


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