Become Omni-Present.
Own The Internet.

We utilize our industry-leading investor audiences to create
compelling market awareness for your company.

Purposeful interactions.
Meaningful results.

We don’t just show ads to investors. We connect them to your story.
We get you more than just clicks, our custom-made content ensures each interaction with your brand is for a reason.
First Phase bridges the gap between
company and investor.
Public Company

How we tell your story

Media Plan & Content Strategy

Step one requires a breakdown of relevant marketing channels where your story will shine. The power lies in social platforms, public relations, the web, and our financial networks.

Boutique Ad Creatives
That Rival Picasso

Don’t settle for run of the mill ads like everyone else. We develop unique copy, content and frameworks tailored around your story and goals.

Investor Landing Pages That Spark Results

Our framework for landing pages  produces a result which we guarantee cannot be replicated. Stand out from other companies, tell your story, break down your value to investors. Don’t believe us? Apply now for first movers advantage.


The pinnacle of digital real-estate for the story you shaped. are you ready for the market to listen?

Our network spans +9,712 financial websites & over +150,000,000 retail investors.

Yes... you read that right.


Potential Investors

The Goal

Digital Omni-presence
the state of being widespread or constantly encountered.
“The property of being present anywhere and everywhere online.”

More Investors.
Less Uncertainty.

We put your company in front of potential investors across social channels and the web using unique paid digital advertising. Retail investors are the new era and your company can’t afford to miss out on their influence. Reaching new and larger audiences is our bread & butter, the result is an unprecedented number of investors watching your company for the right time to buy.


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