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First Phase gives companies a chance to dominate their digital ecosystem by leveraging advanced marketing technologies built for the now.

The Problem
We Solve

With current marketing efforts and services it is extremely difficult for public companies to achieve digital omnipresence.


Revolutionize digital marketing within capital markets by embracing change and being at the forefront of disruption and innovation.


A world of investors, a world of opportunity.

Our Story Team

For years we’ve been pushing public companies to the world of social. We were once in a world of pink sheets and broker-client trading.

Times have changed, we live in the era of social investing. Not only do memes have the potential to move stocks but digital audiences have become as powerful as traditional hedge funds. For the public companies not yet leveraging the digital world… you’re already behind.

there’s still hope.

First Phase symbolizes step one for all public companies. The transition from old, ineffective marketing strategies to the new world. There are many phases in this process to become omnipresent, welcome to the First.

We’re promoters, marketers, & investors at our core. We are constantly investing in innovation and companies that speak to us. A collection of experience going 25 years and beyond.

Our Team

A common theme you’ll hear from First Phase clients is “They always provided more than was asked or expected.” That’s our north star, to provide a boutique, transparent service that results in a client relationship built on trust.

First Phase is unique because it was born out of a frustration with the common “marketing partner” in the space. We’ve seen a plethora of overpromise-underdeliver expectations that only solve short term problems.

What's different?
The team at First Phase
are digital marketing practitioners.

We draw upon our expertise of capital markets, e-commerce & digital marketing to provide a bespoke & personalized service to every client. We have the ability, experience, network & scale to execute client campaigns that result in growth previously unseen in capital markets.

Unlike many other groups we are constantly on the lookout for the latest trends to always be on the forefront of innovation. We feel this is a critical aspect of our mission to revolutionize digital marketing within capital markets.


Meet The A-Team


Spencer Duke

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Darin Carroll

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Shirley Esid

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Rachel Dyck

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Joel Faltinsky

VP Corporate Development
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Anuj Panchal

Web Designer
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First Phase Media is on the cutting edge in the digital marketing space, which aligns with Tier One Silver’s strategy of increasing the company’s visibility to create further shareholder value. We have seen impressive results, expanded our digital reach and the team has been very efficient on all fronts.

Natasha Frakes,
VP Communications
Tier One Silver

We engaged First Phase Media in January 2021 for the purposes of creating and launching a new website and to develop and administer a social media and marketing campaign. Since the launch of both the website and social media campaign, all KPI’s have dramatically increased including our lead generation, website visits, and direct positive feedback related to quality of product. The principals of First Phase, Darin and Spencer, are highly communicative, very responsive to any questions, informative, budget conscious, and they understood and enhanced what the specific goals were that we set out to achieve. First Phase has been a value-added addition to our team and to which I have no hesitation in recommending them and their services.

Kristen Craiggs, VP Communications
LaSalle Exploration Corp.

With their strong technology skills, attention to detail and customer focus, First Phase Media is a first class partner. We trust their in-depth technical knowledge, their ability to coordinate across different platforms, simplify all results and provide concise reporting. They always provided more than was asked or expected.

Bruce Smith, CEO
Radius Gold Inc.

The team at First Phase have been a much bigger help than originally expected. I found myself leaning on them more and more. We will continue to use them for all of our portfolio companies going forward. Can’t recommend them enough!

Daniel Southan-Dwyer,
Baron Group

The professionalism and personalized service that we got from First Phase is unlike any other company we’ve worked with. They put us first and ensured we were happy with the result we were getting. Incredibly trust-worthy and amazing stewards of our marketing dollars.

Blake Morgan, President
Origen Resources Inc.

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